Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My lunch has a new attitude!

Hello to everyone on this fine hump day! Having Monday off really spoiled me and I just want the weekend to come even sooner.

Not too much to report. Last night we tried some wheat raviolis with some marinara,
and a small side salad – total calories were 410 for my meal. The hardest part was my hubby and Evan had some garlic Texas toast……. I had a moment were I really wanted to steal it off of my hubbies plate and just stuff it down my throat, but I managed to maintain my cool.

A few hours after I ate I went to release the stress of my day in my workout room. It has been raining the past few days so I have been stuck indoors for all my workouts, but I feel that I am still getting a pretty good workout once I get in there. Sometimes I think just not getting the choice to go outside makes staying inside a bummer… but rain or shine I got to what I need to do!!
I decided that from time to time instead of just posting pictures of what I am eating I need to post pictures of some of my activity as well. These pictures were taken at the start of my workout. I like switching back in forth between running and biking at 15 minute intervals. I have to say it was very difficult to get into the groove with my hubby walking around the room, but after he got a few I kicked him out (=

An hour and fifteen minutes later, my hair was soaking wet!!! Though I love a good sweat like that. It’s the only time I feel like I am really getting after it.
Well now onto something that made me so excited and will leave you all totally convinced that I am dork, but that should already have been confirmed.. I work for NASA people what do you expect (= I was so happy yesterday to discover that my new lunch box arrived! This is very much intended for kids but it was just what I needed to keep my lunches fun. I always fall into a bad habit of not wanting to pack my lunch and lately I have been good but I wanted to add a little spice, so without further ado here is my new, funky lunch box. I even got to decorate it with stickers!!! It’s great because it has all of these separate compartments and a special lid that keeps all the stuff from running into each other! This is what I packed for lunch today.

Now I just need to come up with a name for her?!?! Any suggestions?


  1. Garlic texas toast is evil that it jumps right into my mouth every time I make it for the husband and kids. Grr.

    I love, love, love your lunch box. Love. :)

  2. What a great lunch box! It is like a bento box. I have been looking at those because I like all the different compartments, but I haven't seen one this cute. For some reason I like the vintage name Betsy.

  3. I'm so jealous of your lunch box! It's fabulous and what a great idea to have perfect portion sizes!

    I name so many inanimate objects in my house - gnomes, sego palm, Christmas tree...heck my own car and house have names. totally have to name your lunch box. I have no idea what (so apparently I'm not helpful) =P

    I'm with you on just wanting to get to the weekend! Enjoy the rest of your week! =)

  4. "This is very much intended for kids" LOL! You are too funny! Glad you like your new lunch box!

  5. LOVE your lunch box. I don't have the courage to take pictures of my working out. You are so brave.

  6. LOVE the new lunch box! First thing that came to my mind was "Purple People Eater." :)

  7. Thanks Ladies.... you all are the best!

    Kim - I am just like you.... I love to name everything

    And with that being said, Miss Bowmanh23, my blue Sunfire is alreayd named Betsy (=

    I absolutely love the name "Purple People Eater" Anna. Since I made a monster face with my stickers for the front,this name is perfect!!!!

  8. Momma....
    If you're a dork, then I am too!!! I love fun things to incorporate in this journey. I mean really; life is tough. We gotta live it up when we can...right?!?!? By the way...I loved all of the pictures!!! You make me smile :)

  9. I love seeing pics of you. You are so beautiful! And I want one of those purple people eaters. Actually I'm going to by a Bento Box, but same idea :)

    Keep up the good work sweetie.