Monday, April 25, 2011

I have even a bigger goal

Hey everyone. First, let me start by saying I should be able to commit to writing a post on more of a regular basis now. Instead of trying to post every day I think I will stick to at least two days a week, that way I don't get burned out.

I have been doing pretty well. Had a few slips but I am getting closer and closer to being under 200 lbs again, I am so freaking excitied. I have been following the Weight Watchers plan on-line and have been using my Body Bugg to help calculate the calories I am burning.

Another thing has happened to up my modivation. One of my closest friends is getting married in October (which we are more than happy to celebrate with because she found herself a Great Guy!! They make such a great couple), and they asked me to be a bridesmaid. Now I know she does not care about my weight but I do. I at least want to feel comfortable in the dress and make an effort to look the best as I can in it. So I have 6 months to work it out but I think that is plenty of time to do some damage (=