Monday, September 13, 2010

Just a quick hello

Hope everyone survived the weekend! I am so ready for a new week. The end of last week went downhill very quickly. Someone out there thought it would be fun to send a malicious email to our entire agency so that equaled a lot of work for us. Not complaining about helping everyone but it got crazy busy. I'm not sure if it what the stress of the situation but come Friday I got a terrible headache that lasted through the weekend. I am very thankful that I do not get them as often as I use to, but when I do I still find it a little difficult to bounce back.

I have learned when my body goes through one of these attacks it's best if I get plenty of rest and take it easy so for the past three days that is what I had done. I didn't put a lot of pressure on myself to workout, I just watched my calorie intake.

I did manage to make these Vegetarian South Western Rolls........(warning if you go to Annie's blog it requires some self-control, she has some very tempting dishes) they turned out perfect. They make a ton, and are very inexpensive to make. They would be perfect for a party.

Well since I didn't get a lot of exercise in this past week I was a little worried that the scale wouldn't be so kind, but like I said I didn't over indulge in my eating so I am happy to report that I am down another pound and half. I also
remeasured myself this weekend after doing a month on the Flat belly diet, I have lost a total of an inch and a half around my belly (this so excites me!!!!)..... spare tire (for a semi truck) you are going down!!!!!

(p.s. thanks for the kick miss Corletta)


  1. Congrats on your continued success!!!

    Sorry about your headaches - I, too, suffered from those last week. No fun! Hope this week is a better one for you! =)

  2. Congrats on the loss!

    Sometimes the scale gods can still surprise us and forgive our little blips :)

  3. Sorry about your headache over the weekend!

    High 5 on your loss!

  4. Hi!! I'm sorry I've been away the past few days, but I'm glad that you're doing well! Keep being awesome... especially with your purple lunch box! :)

  5. I've heard good things about the Flat Belly diet... I still have a bike tire around my belly that I need to get rid of!

  6. Nice job Candy! Question, are you drinking enough water? I totally struggle with it.

  7. Thanks everyone! And yes Miss Katie, I haven doing wonderfully with getting plenty of water (=