Thursday, December 3, 2009

Starting to feel a little better

Sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile, I have been sick for days. My cough is starting to sound normal and not like a seal barking. My energy level is still pretty low and will be a while till I can really get my workout on. I didn't bother wearing my Body Bugg since I stayed in bed for four days straight, butI did stay under my calorie intake. I was a little bummed on Monday that the scale had not moved, but next week is another week. So I plan on as soon as I kick this mess jumping back into it.

So as corney as this may sound, I can visualized myself being a healthier me. I know I have had several people in my life praying with me to beat this fight with cancer and other problems that have held me back for the past few years. I know I can do all things and will do all things. I may never get back to the double zero days, but thats fine with me. My hubby likes the junk in my trunk. I just want to feel good about myself and have the energy to keep active. So my goal for the next thirty years of life, I will continue on this path to fight for my health and for my self-esteem. This time when I reach it I will appreciate it!

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