Friday, December 18, 2009

Mother Freaking Nature

WARNING: This Blog entry is not for those who usually yell “TMI” when people speak to them about personal information………… read at your own risk (=
If you are continuing reading, well bless you cause I need to vent to someone! I had a good start to my week despite the fact that the temperature outside keeps dropping and we have seen nothing but rain. It’s rained enough, that our back yard is starting look like Shriek’s swamp. The puppies love it! Every day this week I have had to clean them up when they come back in from their potty breaks. I feel bad cause I have not walked them much this week, it’s just nasty outside….
So I am feeling like a bad puppy parent and haven’t been able to go outside to exercise, so I thought I would just workout this week in our garage that we have set up with our exercise equipment….. WRONG. I worked out a little earlier this week, but started feeling like I was coming down with something again….. well I came down with something alright (for those who missed the warning note above I will try to modify the details a bit). My aunt flow came to visit and man she is a bitch this time. I haven’t seen her in awhile but she has so politely brought cramps, bloating and the need to snack on something salty & sweet. I typically do not crave sweets, and usually during this interruption I usually don’t get a lot of symptoms……..but not anymore. Lately when I get this visit, I also get severe stomach problems and usually spend most of my day having diarrhea…. Wow what fun that is, if the huge landing strip of a pad in my underpants doesn’t irritate me, my ass starts to feel raw from having to go several times a day. So as you can imagine the thought of getting on my spinnig bike, not to appealing. To add to injury, I think my husband is now on my cycle. I don’t care what people say my husband has PMS too…. Matter of fact he started first this week. He is so moody and grumpy, and chocolate doesn’t fix him!
I haven’t reached my own personal goals for working out this week, but I have still been pretty good on my calorie intake. The only moment I had was went I went to the store I passed the sale they for “Flipz” Chocolate covered pretzels. They are 10 bags for $10. NO, I did not but all ten bags… just 3. My husband wanted both the chocolate and white fudge…. I just wanted plain old chocolate….. like I said earlier, Salty & Sweet!!!!!! But if you noticed I wanted my own bag. Now before I start getting lectures, I didn’t eat the whole bag, and I still managed to stay under my calorie intake for the day….. I just felt guilty because it was my first moment in 60 days that I wanted to just tear some food up!
I know next week is another week, and this one will be past me soon. A friend sent me this quote this week, “ The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” -- Chinese Proverb
Even the ancients knew things take time. Take care and Live Well!!!!


  1. I just have to say, I love you!

  2. I laughed so hard reading this! You nailed how us ladies feel during our lovely "time of the month." Great post!