Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I got my butt kicked by a video game!

Hey everyone, hope you all made it through the “season of food temptation”! I am happy to report that I stayed on point. I didn’t over eat and I stayed to my plan. I don’t feel that I missed a thing, if anything I’m pretty proud. I know my body will thank me later for it.

Well, Santa came to visit….. I guess I was a good girl this year. Bill and I decided not to do too much for each other this year since money has been a little tight. We had fun spoiling are little one and the rest of the kids in the family, but Bill…… I mean Santa decided to buy something that I needed. He got me a new pair of running shoes, since that is where my new adventure is taking me. He also got me the EA active game for the Wii. Let me just say for the record I feel so embarrassed that I was sore for two days after just playing one day. I have read on other’s blogs how fun this game is, and yes this is true; however, I realized that in the past few months I have not focused on working my lower regions of my body. After completing the first day of the 30 day challenge my thighs were killing me. I now see I have been avoiding squats and lunges for a reason. I’m not sure if I can write this is a way that would be funny to those of you reading this but my husband got a kick out of it.

I did the first day of the challenge on the EA active game on Christmas morning, later that day I could feel it. The next morning I wake up to go to the restroom and sit on the toilet…. (Little side note we have an old house with very old windows in the bathroom. The kind that just have a screen and glass slates, basically keeps rain out but not the cold air) I get completely woken up because I feel like I just sat my bare bottom down on a sheet of ice, so naturally my body tries to escape. I try stand up but it feels like my legs have been broken. The cry that I let out wakes my poor husband so he comes running to my rescue, to find me hovering over the iceberg and not really able to straighten my legs. After doing stretches for most of the day I was able to work out the stiffness that I was feeling, and the past few days I have enjoyed playing the game for an extra workout…. But for those who are like me and are just getting into the whole workout thing, be warned it may be a video game but you can feel it!

As for my 21 day goal that I had set about increasing my water intake just call me Candy the Camel because I reached that goal. I am drinking at least 8 -8oz glasses of water a day, and for the most part that is all I am drinking. So with this goal down and now a habit, it times to pick another goal to achieve or to work on for 21 days. I thought about this goal long and hard and decided for this goal I am not so much as going to pick a goal that I will achieve by doing something physical but something I need to achieve for me emotionally. So for the next 21 days I will work on not saying anything negative about myself. Wow that sounds so easy, but it going to be the hardest yet. I have gotten in such a bad “habit” of doubting myself and just dragging myself down with my own words. The majority of my life I was always the skinny girl. For the most part through school I was always skinner than my friends and when I moved to Pa. for college, I was thick but never really fat. I remember having family members tells me that I was too skinny and that I needed to gain weight….. well boy did I. So now when I talk to people I always crack a joke or make some kind of comment about my size. I guess it’s my way of beating people to the punch. I even catch myself doing this with my husband, who has NEVER, EVER said anything about my weight. He sees me through a different pair of eyes. So for the next 21 days I want to do the same. I will NOT put myself down and make comments about my size. I will NOT doubt my ability to get back into shape. Instead I am going to recognize all of the positive things that I am doing and all the positive changes that I am now seeing. I will list one thing for everyday that I am seeing either improved or that I like about myself. This can be either a physical feature or a character trait.

To start the list, for Day 1:

I am noticing that my complexion and skin has more of a glow and appears healthier (it’s probably a result from all that water that I have been drinking). I included a pic from today that I took with my cell phone. See……. peaches and cream (=


  1. You look beautiful! :) You can REALLY tell girl. Go look at a couple of pictures from Evan's b-day party if you don't believe me. Wow!

  2. Thanks for the add. Great blog. Can't wait to hear about all the adventures you get into with those running shoes! Happy New Year

  3. Great job conquering the season!

  4. I can completely relate to how you felt after the EA Active! I couldn't believe how sore I was the first few times I did it. It does get easier though. (Except the inline skating...ouch!) :)

    Great job with the water, and best of luck with your new goal! I used to do a lot of negative talk about myself as well, but you will find you will be much happier when you are nice to yourself! :)