Thursday, December 31, 2009

I do NOT like working out while others are watching me from the couch!

I had one of those days yesterday. I had the energy and enthusiasm to work out, but didn’t feel like I accomplished much from it. I was stuck at work in a ghost town, most everyone else is still on vacation. It’s been pretty slow so the time drags….. I keep fighting the urge not to goof off so I’m trying to work on projects that I usually don’t have time for. My best buddy Olivia and I try to take a break at least once a day and walk around our work’s pond. Yesterday we were both pretty pumped to get some exercise in and not just sit in front of a computer so we went twice…… even in the cold rain. When I got home I was still wanting to do something so I went for a short walk but it was getting dark so fast, plus it looked like it was going to rain again so it was pretty short. After dinner I thought I would do my 30 day challenge on the EA Active. My grandma, my husband Bill, and my lil Evan was all in the living room. Now I don’t mind my grandma or my son in the living room when I’m working out but I really can’t stand when my husband is in the room. I love the man, but when he is critiquing my form from the couch it’s really hard to fight the urge to throw something at him. I was doing fine with the game till I was doing lunges with knee lifts. I can do side lunges fine but not the ones where you go straight down with your knee to the floor and then up with the same knee. I had lost my balance and I had to put my hand down….. my hubby sipping on his Coke was like “babe you are cheating, that’s not how you do it”. So my loving response was…..” really, oh I didn’t know. I thought it was normal to feel like your knee cap is splitting in two. Let’s see how well you do, oh and can you put on an extra 85 lbs and see how it feels”. I got upset quit the game and went straight to my spinning bike. “I’ll show him, I’m getting my work out tonight”….. literally five minutes later….”Urgh… I’m not into this”…. I get off my bike and cleaned the kitchen. While cleaning the kitchen my husband sneaks behind me and tells me he loves me and that he wasn’t trying to be mean. I know he wasn’t. I just get so self conscious and sensitive. I know when I move it’s not always graceful and I know it’s important to do the movement as accurate as possible. So last night my hubby said he wouldn’t just sit and watch me exercise anymore that he would join me and help if I need it. It made me feel better. So once we kissed and made up I went back to my spinning bike and did about a 45 minute routine. I felt much better afterwards!
Yesterday I had posted my new goal to do for 21days straight. A short recap: Positive words about myself. For the next 21 days I will not make a crack about my weight or anything negative about myself. Well folks it’s going to be harder than I thought…. I broke the goal twice yesterday. I cracked two jokes about myself….. I can do this, right? Of course I can. In addition to not saying anything negative I am going to list either an improvement from my healthier lifestyle or a physical or character trait that I like about myself.
Day 2: I am noticing that I have a lot more energy and a stronger desire to get in shape. For everyday that I keep up with this journey I am more excited about where it’s going to take me! I am really greatful for that.


  1. Dude, I could write a book about how awesome you are. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Yay Candy! Good for you and keep it up girlie!

  3. hahaha I hate the alternating lunge high knee. It keeps saying your doing it wrong..... A video game is telling me I suck at working out... Just keep up the hard work and you'll be fine. You are doing great!