Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Need a pick me up!

I am currently 19 days in. I was so excited that I was almost at 21 days. That is one of my short term goals is to make it for that long. I had heard sometime back that anything you do for 21 days straight forms a habit. The last two days I have done some moderate walking but not what has becomed my daily workout routine. I guess I was feeling guilty. I am still on track with reaching my deficit for each day, I just don't feel very well. This morning I have been struggling with having a headache and fighting having seizures. I know when my body tells me these things I need to listen, but I felt so discouraged. I'm still on track for reaching 21 days, and though today burning calories will not be my ultimate goal I will still be mindful of what I consume. I also will remind myself that I am not a lost cause.

1 comment:

  1. You aren't a lost cause sweetie :( I hope you are doing okay today. I know you are home sick. But, I hope you have a very Happy Birthday despite all that. Love you!