Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Candice the Red Nose Mommy

So in preparation for the coming Holiday I have my shopping complete, my tree up and I myself look like I can star in a Christmas story about a famous reindeer. I can’t believe I got sick again!!! My poor baby boy is sick too. We are both starting to feel better, but I have to be honest I really can’t ever remember being so tired. I manage to get at least 8hours of rest a night, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. So needless to say I am not really looking forward to doing our normal run around to everyone’s house on Christmas day tradition. Though I know it will be fine. I do enjoy getting to see everyone, and it’s really rewarding to see how much my family loves my son Evan. Which, what’s not to love… that boy knows how to capture hearts!
Bill and I our pretty excited to have Christmas morning this year. We are going to start our own family tradition with having a home cooked (healthy, but good) breakfast. We usually eat breakfast separately and usually something simple, like cereal. Now I just have to decide on what we will make. Once we have breakfast we will let Evan open his gifts…… I cannot wait. He is 16 months and he is going to love playing with the wrapping paper (=
The past few weeks I have been so ill with very little energy, but I really want to work out again. I can’t wait to get over this bug and get my work-out on. I feel really inspired today. I was checking out a few blogs and I ran across one of someone who at one time was a little bigger than I am, that now looks fabulous. Truly, absolutely beautiful and is enjoying an active lifestyle. When I saw this blog I thought to myself, why not me. And that my friends is exactly what I am going on, why not me. If others can do this so can I. I have so much in my life to motivate me and I know that one day someone will be looking at my before and after pictures for inspiration!!!!

Well everyone have a wonderful Christmas and Live well!

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