Monday, November 16, 2009

One Weekend Down

Well it's another Monday and I am feeling so great! This weekend went very well. I was able to keep my routine and get up every morning to spin and walk the dogs. In addition I did not have one urge to cheat on my diet. (Even with fresh french fries from McDonalds in the car..... there was a moment that I wanted one, but I resisted the temptation). My husband, Bill had grilled some Salmon on Saturday night. It was my first time ever having it, it really turned out great. We are going to start incorporating more fish into our meal plans.

I'm going on ten days on the diet and I have to admit I am really enjoying my meals. I was worried I would get bored, but I think I becomed more bored with eating fast and not really ever feeling satisfied with the meals.

Also, Bill helped me get all set-up on our crossbow this weekend. I am really excited to be able to have a machine at home, that should help for the days I can't go to the gym.

I am also happy to report when I went to the doctors I was told that I weigh 225lbs..... whew, that made me so happy. I was able to confirm that on my home scale as well. Yipee!!!!!


  1. You are doing such a great job! :) are we going to break our diets this Thursday night? I kinda DON'T want to. Maybe we can get a couple of healthy things to share at Star Cinema? Of course, I'm not sure if they even have anything healthy on their menu.

  2. Keep it up! You are doing great! hehe if you keep this up I'm gonna have to get one of these things and start working on me. :D