Monday, November 23, 2009

Survived another weekend

Okay folks, so as you can see I didn't get a chance to post my Boddy Bugg Chart for Friday and the weekend but I did very well. My Deficit for Thursday was 1961, Friday was 2229, Saturday was 1727. I was able to fight off temptaion for the weekend for the most part. Saturday night I wanted pizza so my family and I went out and I did very well. I ate a salad first (to help fill me up) and then I had a few very small slices. As soon as we got home I did another workout to make up for it. Looking at my charts for the weekend, I can sure tell I have a little one at home. There is a little bit of activity all day (=
Well I hope you all have a Happy Monday!


  1. you are doing so great! i am soooo proud of you!

  2. Wow keep it up you are doing great!
    5923/3500 = approximately 1.69 lbs in 3 days 8o OMG

  3. Those are some great number and that was nice of James to break it down. You are doing great and look forward to seeing the results! :-)