Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Cupboards have been Cleaned

In our house we have two pantries, one is where we keep the canned goods and box stuff. The other is where we keep the cereal, chips, and for the most part snack like items. I had asked my husband the other day if we could get rid of some of it because he forgets about it and I don’t want something that could possibly get me off course. My husband doesn’t always take immediate action when conversation like this arises so the stuff stayed.
Well last night I hear this very unfamiliar sound in our house around 10 p.m. At first I thought maybe the baby was awake, but Bill went into his room and he was asleep and the noise had stopped. He got back to bed and the noise started. Bill tried to convince me that it was coming from outside. We had our first cold front last night so he though it could be the breeze hitting something outside. So I tossed a little, had a deep sigh and tried to get comfy again, but this time I hear a door shut within the house. So I am elbowing my husband, the investigator to go do his job (= For several minutes of him looking in the house, turning on lights, checking outside……. Nothing.
We finally fall asleep and this morning I woke up a little later than usual. I still managed to get a pretty good workout and played with the puppies a bit. As I was planning my lunch for the day and preparing breakfast, I got into the snack pantry that also houses our paper towels and trash can. What do I find? Yep you guessed it, we had a visitor last night. From the size of the droppings a pretty large size one at that. He managed to bust open the shelf that had the flour, sugar. Dumped all of the cereal boxes and had a pretty good time doing so from the look of things. It also managed to get into any of the chips, cookies and rice cakes snacks. The only thing it didn’t go for was my can of almonds and oatmeal. So I had a great excuse to get rid of all of the junk food in the house, just wish it didn’t have to take some kind of rodent to poop in my house to do so!


  1. hmmm sounds like time to set out the traps. Wonder if nutra rats like healthy food too.

  2. Oh yeh, i set him loose in there to help you out ;)

    Just joking.

    Girl, I am SO ready for Thursday!!