Friday, October 15, 2010

Sticking to the Plan

Yesterday was a pretty successful day by the end of it. The plan was to eat dinner at a certain time and then hit the pavement for my run before it got dark but unfortunately it did not work out that way. My husband was late getting off from work, dinner wasn’t coming out the way that that I hope it would (new recipe) and I had a mess in the garage to clean up that one of the dogs had made.

Once my husband came home we had dinner, cleaned up, and I was already dressed to work out and my mind was set on it, so that’s what I did! I had a little bit of day light left so I went for a two mile run. By the time I got home it was DARK, but I still wanted to take my dogs for their walk so I got to try out these new lights I had bought a couple of weeks back. They are so cool. It’s a strip that lays flat on their collar, that has Velcro loops. You can have them blink or non-blinking but either way they put off good light. So with their blinking collars and me with a small LED flashlight, I knew we would be seen by cars (Safety First People!!!!). We ended up going for a 3 mile walk, and let me tell you when we got back I felt so good! It was so nice outside and not too many cars. The only thing I noticed was it appears that other people tend to let their own dogs loose at night to hang out with them I guess on the porch without any restraints so we had a few times were a random dog would come up to us. My boys are very social but they are pretty big so I worry when someone’s little dog comes up…. I mean Hello…. Chew toy!! But we made it home safe and sound and I am so glad that I stuck to my plan.

Time for Recap of meals
  • Egg white scramble with lean breakfast ham and organic spinach
  • (1) Garlic hummus with slices of cucumber and bell peppers
  • (1) turkey taco- ground turkey, low fat cheese in a lettuce wrap
  • (1) serving of turkey pepperoni, slice tomatoes and steamed edamame
  • (4) small Turkey meatballs with (1) cup steamed organic spinach

Hope everyone has a great end to your week, and ready to step it up even more next week!


  1. That sounds like an awesome evening and cool collars! I have an LED Head Lamp, lol, that you strap to your forehead. I'm going to bring it to you so you can add it to your collection :) It also works great as a headlight on a bike.

  2. Hello Chew Toy! Bwahahahahaha!

    I have one of those headlights too and I dig it!

    Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

  3. I *heart* turkey pepperoni! So yummy! Oh and hummus, too!

    Yeah, cRaZy how dark it gets so early - it's only gonna get worse once the time changes. That's the only thing I don't like about the Fall!

    Way to stick to the plan!!! =)

  4. Good for you, 5 miles is awesome!

  5. Nice job! I should get some of those lights for my dog since it gets dark so early now...

  6. Hey girly! Been missing you and your bloggin'! Hope all is well! =)

  7. I'm a little envious of all the low fat turkey options - sounds yummy! Well done on all the exercise. Hope you're doing well :)

  8. Where you at?!?! I miss you mama! By the way, your dang meals motivate me to eat CLEAN! I would say cleaner, but I would totally be lieing!

  9. Candy girl where are you? Are you on Facebook?