Saturday, February 5, 2011


It has been several months since I have a last posted. I had some medical problems but am feeling much stronger and ready to get back into the swing of things. I must say the past few months have been very difficult for me and I got very depressed that I could not exercise.

When I go through these times I need to reach out to you guys more than ever. I think I shut down on everything because I'm so tired of cancer trying to rule my life. This past time I really just gave up. I accepted the bad reports from my doctors and let the pain rule me. In turn I hurt myself worse by not caring what food I shoved in my face because I felt helpless.

So as a good friend of mine stated, it's time to restart. In my line of work (IT support) the first thing I ask my customers is, "have you resarted?" Sometimes it's best just to start from the begining, and that is what I plan to do.

Yesterday I did the followBolding:

(2) Egg whites
grapes and slice banana

turkey sausage with whole grain pasta and peas

lean turkey breast on whole wheat bread and cherry tomatoes

Well thats it for now. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!


  1. I'm so glad to see you back! I had been worried about you, girl!

    I had an injury that set me back physically, emotionally, etc. No, I'm not even trying to compare my injury to your illness. I just wanted to explain that I gained some weight back - not so much from the lack of activity as it was from eating out of frustration/depression, etc. I got back on the wagon with the turn of the new year.

    Looks like you are off to a good start! Have a great remainder of YOUR weekend! =)

  2. Whether or not you think it, you are SO strong! I'm so happy you're back!

  3. Thank you both so very much. I have been missing blogging but I felt like such a failure that I had another set back I prolonged writing.

    I know I am going to sound like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz but I missed you to a great deal (my little scarecrows)... your one of the 1st blogs I went to catch up on.