Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feel the Burn

As I posted yesterday, today was the first day of adding weight training to my schedule. It has been sooooo long since I have done this. In the past few months I have used a few hand weights at home and some machines but didn't really focus on a routine. After this morning I realized what I have been missing. I was lucky several years ago (and 95lbs thinner) a group of ladies through me into their rotation, sadly I forgotten the routines, and ever since have been hesitant to get back into it. A friend of mine at work had a trainer that had worked with her on establishing a routine so this morning we met at the gym and after a 30minute cardio we hit the free weights!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My friend helped me focus on my form, breathing and demonstrated when ever I needed the help. After an hour and a half of working our arms and chest, with squat intervals we called it quits. Now going half way through the day I feel that nice, little burn. You know what I'm talking about. It's not sore or uncomfortable but my body is just letting me know that it did it's thing this morning!!!

Time for Recap of meals yesterday
  • (1) whole grain waffle with Organic natural peanut butter and 4 slices of Turkey bacon
  • (1) cup of mixed fruit with a Kashi Go Lean cereal sprinkled on top
  • (1/2) cup of tuna pasta salad - whole grain pasta, steamed organic asparagus, steamed organic carrots
  • (1) serving of Fage Greek Yogurt
  • (1) Turkey taco - ground turkey, black beans, low fat cheese in a lettuce wrap
Guess what?!?!? I was able to eat before 6:30 pm, so that way my belly was not full before bedtime! (very happy about being able to do this)

Tomorrow is my cardio day so will let you know how it goes!


  1. I love that pic of Marilyn Monroe! :)

    Great start today with all of your new girls. You kick butt girl!!

  2. I so need to get on board with the weight training. It intimidates me. I think once I get my marathon out of the way I will be out of excuses...

    Nice food journal! =)

  3. I miss weight training. It definitely helped/helps me feel leaner and tighter..not to mention stronger! Good for you for adding it to your routine!