Friday, October 8, 2010

Not with it this week

This has been a crazy hectic week with very little sleep. Ever have one of those days where you feel like it's never going to end? ......... well that is how I have felt for five days now.

It hasn't all been bad, our wedding anniversary was this Wednesday, and since my husband had to have his wisdom teeth out this week we celebrated Saturday. My husband took me to the Melting Pot - it's a delicious Fondue restaurant. I'll tell you I can really tell that I have learned moderation because I was only able to eat very small portions. Still felt like I over ate but not nearly what I use to pack away.

Since this week has been off on my sleep and eating at my regular times, my exercise has been very difficult. I have forced myself to do something every day but it hasn't given me that extra boost of energy I usually get. Yesterday my work had a "Safety & Health" day. They usually declare it as a "stand down day" meaning no work needs to be done so we can go and enjoy the booths and get educated on safety and health. I spent four hours walking our campus and seeing what is out there, and I even got to join in on some Zumba fun (been wanting to see what it is all about, I really want to go check it out now at my gym). They ended the day with 5Krun/2mile walk. My good friend Mike had asked me last week if I wanted to run it together for fun and I said sure. Though when it was time for it I felt more nervous than my previous run and kept feeling defeated before we even started. I will tell you sadly now I did not push through the pain. I have been having problems in my left foot. Don't know what’s going, but my left heel has been getting worse since last November. For some reason my breathing was all off and I could not get in that place in my mind where I can push all other thoughts out. Every time I stepped down on my left foot I just lost my breath. I got very discouraged with myself but I am very lucky that I have a good friend who supports me, so instead of running the 5k we did the two miles, and we only jogged at a steady pace till I needed to stop and regain my breath. So we did a little bit of jogging and some walking and finished the two miles in 17 minutes. Now was it what I wanted it to be, no..... but that just gives me the drive to improve (and yes Mike, go see me doctor about my foot).

When I see Mike he always gives me good advice and just tells it like it is. One thing that he said that really shed some light on things was so many people want the fast results and are only willing to put in the minimum effort. I see that all the time, I have been guilty of that myself. I'm willing to change that thinking, and work hard to do it. Will it be easy.... hell no! Will it be worth it......... Oh Yeah!!!


  1. I puffy heart the Melting Pot! Happy Anniversary to you two!

    Have a great weekend Miss Candy.

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary!!! =)

    Sorry about the foot pain! Definitely don't ignore it! I had some heel pain a couple of years ago and figured it was probably plantarfascitis...not a whole lot they could do for it but I had my massage therapist massage it and I put some inserts in my shoes and eventually it went away. That was before I was into exercise, though, so I can't fathom trying to exercise with it. =(

    Hang in there! Sounds like you did push through it with your 2 miles jog! Way to go!!!

  3. Hope your heel feels better soon, sweetie!! :) -Natalia

  4. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I have saved your email in my email. Also, friend me on Facebook if you have one and don't mind. Again, thanks so much for your support.