Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet My Running Partners

I am a proud mommy of two Rhodesian Ridgebacks that are still in the puppy stage. They require a lot of attention and exercise. They really keep me motivated. So on the days I want to skip out on myself and say “neh, I can take a break” I don’t because I don’t have the heart to skip out on the them.

Now even though they are brothers they are entirely two different dogs. The big one, weighing in over a hundred pounds is a big momma’s boy, named Brutice. He was special from the start because the breeders wanted to put him down because he doesn’t have a ridge….. but there is no way I could let that happen so we took them both (= I mean really look at this face, how can you not love him!!!!

And then there is Woodrow. This dog is so stubborn. He is the brains out of the pair and there
isn’t a trick he can’t learn, but he does it only out of respect. He use to test me the first year of his life, never really giving up that dominance….. but now he is so tender and gentle with me. I think he thinks he is my parent (=

This weekend it wasn’t so dang hot out so I didn’t have to wait till it was dark to take the pups for their walk. We walked for a mile and half and then we starting running. We were about a mile in when Brutice started getting distracted and started sniffing everything we came in contact with. I had to really get his focus back on the run so I was cheering him on and trying to get him to follow me and his brother. About 10 minutes of him being back in the groove I started to get tired and was moving pretty slow. Then Brutice started bumping his head on my keister. I have to admit that made me pick up my pace just a bit, and the minute I started to slack Brutice just kept bumping me. I realized at that point he was helping me, as I was helping him!

Once getting back home I felt so pumped that the running came way easier to me, I wanted to keep going. I got on my treadmill and at first it was a breeze but about 25 minutes in I started to feel tired and I really was feeling my weight. I had a moment I wanted to quit because I felt pain. Not pain due to an injury but just having to move. I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself to suck it up. This little bit of discomfort isn’t anything to what I feel day in and day out emotionally and physically when I deal with my weight. This is where I have to start! Yeah, so I can’t run 4 miles yet on a daily….. but I will. We all have to start somewhere.

At my bible study this weekend I learned a new Greek word. The work is Nikao, which means Over Comer. I am learning so much from this Beth Moore Bible study but this week when she talked about us being over comers, it really spoke volumes to me. One statement she made was, “To prove ourselves as over comers, we have to go through something to overcome.” Hello………. This battle that I am currently in, is something that I need to overcome and I now know that I AM MEANT TO OVERCOME IT!

Another reference Beth had mentioned made me giggle….. she said that she has a grandson and when he was around two years of age he would run around a put his fist in the air and yell “I am a winner”. She said no matter what he did, he was yelling this. One time he got on the bathroom scale and just declared that he was a winner. What a concept folks! Even if we do not feel like winners at all times we need to confess that we are, and strive to be over comers!
This morning I weighed myself and the scale went down 2.5 lbs…………. Oh yeah, I came out to my husband and my son and shouted “I AM A WINNER!!!! (and you know what, I feel like it)


  1. aww hello puppies! My lab would be a great running partner if he didn't stop to smell/pee on everything!

  2. Love your dogs! I'm a total dog person! :)

    You are a winner!

  3. I took home a stray dog 2 1/2 years ago. I thought she would make a great running partner since she is so full of energy, but alas...she has terrible A.D.D. My beagle ended up being a great running partner (go figure!) but then she went completely blind with Glaucoma, so I only feel comfortable walking with her.

    Those are some beautiful dogs. I never understand the concept behind putting them down just because they aren't show quality! So glad you saved him!

    Way to go on not giving up on your run! You are definitely a winner!!! =)

  4. Hi sweetheart. Thanks for the really kind message you left on my blog last week. It made me smile, and I'm glad to know that I have friends like you around that'll help me out when I need it. Thanks so much.

    And your puppies are gorgeous!