Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fan-Freaking-Tastic Fish

Monday night the hubby and I wanted to try something new out of our “Flat Belly Diet Family cookbook” (by the way, we are loving this cookbook!!!!). We came across, “Fish Nuggets”. Now my husband is accustom to deep frying fish, so I was a little worried that this would not be a crowd pleaser for the entire family. I have a two year old whose taste change weekly and a hubby that would be happy with pork chops and mashed potatoes every night. So during the ten minute bake time I was thinking, we might just have to eat the steamed broccoli and steamed sweet potatoes tonight. But to my surprise they were a Hit!!!! I mean the BEST, light tasting, but hit the spot fish ever! I highly recommend anyone that is wanting that fried fish taste without the grease to give it a try.

So far during this past week I have been doing at least 45 minutes of cardio daily, and then some major stretching after-wards. Just trying to get my body warmed up to the activity again. Like always I am provided with tons of energy and overall feel so much happier. I have also noticed I am sleeping like a champ!!!! Nothing beats getting that type of sleep.

Yesterday I stayed on track and feel pretty dang good about that! I woke up and had a whole grain waffle with peanut butter and some fresh fruit. Lunch, was a avocado half with chicken salad and watermelon slice and a few wheat crackers. Dinner, curry

chicken breast on whole wheat bun with two slices of avocado and roasted brussel sprouts, and less than ½ cup of cottage cheese. I also managed to get my 8 – 8oz glasses of water in…… though I hate it when I start drinking this much water because I have flash backs of when I was pregnant…. You know the peeing every 15 minutes! But peeing aside I had a great day and finished it with a great 45 minute workout.

I also learned something else from my sweet two year old boy last night. He had his first real shower (he usually just gets baths), and at first we could see a little hesitation but at no time at all he was laughing and jumping through the water. I love how excited and so unafraid he is to try something new. That really got me thinking this morning on how awesome that would be to look at every new adventure like a child does. So Evan baby, thanks for teaching mommy to just jump in and have fun with it!!!


  1. I LOVE that you are back!!! You stay here!! I miss it when you're gone!!! By the way...your meals are so healthy...I'm impressed!!!

  2. I'm gonna take that book out from the library - thanks!

    And like Corletta said, I'm glad to see you're back too. :)