Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Obstacle workout & some more Changes

A few weeks ago I made a comment that my husband and I have been making some changes to help make us a healthier family.

Well one of the biggest things that I need is to get a daily cardio workout. I have access to my work’s gym and we had some equipment in the garage. The problem with working out in the garage is, we live in Texas……… so no matter how I felt the need that I should be working out, it wasn’t enough for me to go out and risk a heat stroke. The problem with going to the gym is I have a two year old so I can’t always leave the house. So what was the solution:

We decided since in the master bedroom we have a half bath and I had dominated the closet in this room, we moved our bed into the guest room and moved the exercise equipment into the master bedroom. Let me just say, I LOVE IT!!!! Moving into this room not only gives me room for my treadmill and spinning bike, I have floor space to work out on it doesn't feel cluttered or like I am going to run into furniture.

The only thing I really want to do now, is get Woven wooden blinds for window treatments and an inspirational quote to put on the wall behind my treadmill. I decided to put my husbands grandmother's rocker in the room and I just added new cushions. This way if someone wants to sit in here with me while I workout they can. I also put a large mirror in front of the equipment and workout floor space..... this I have liked a lot.... when I feel like stopping I just look at myself and say keep going! I also have a armoire that houses my DVD player, workout DVD s.

A few small touches, I have a place to hang my workout bands and ear phones, I have a basket for my small hand weights and towels, and a place to write my workout schedule

So now that you all know where I am working that body, body.... let's talk about last nights workout. It was in the evening, I wanted to workout (had one of those days and I just wanted some me time), I had my sweet Evan in his play crib with his Legos in front of my workout equipment. I decided to run ten minutes at a time on the treadmill and then spin for ten minutes, so I kept going back and forth (a total of 80minutes). Evan has only been in the room with me a few times when working out on the treadmill so he was fascinated with it. I got into my groove and occasionally would look down at him to make sure he was having fun..... do not let this sweet face fool you (=

At one point I hear him just a laughing and before I can react I see him start chunking his Legos my way. The first attempt he had missed, it just bounced of the front of the treadmill, but he was already reloadded and before I could react he made a perfect shot..... right by my feet. Several had hit the moving belt and I had to use my cat like reflexes (yeah right) to not trip on them..... Luckily I was able to hit the emergency stop and myself and the legos were not injured, but he gave me a little more of a workout than I wanted. I love that kid (=


  1. How cool is that! You are setting yourself up for SUCCESS girlie! Love it!

    BTW, the picture of the bike on my post the other day was NOT mine. I rock mine LOL with a white wire basket and a pink bell! Once I get it out of my friends garage I will take a proper pic

    xoxox doll!

  2. I love it, I love it, I love it! That's the best home gym! :) And then you can hop into a clean shower when you're done! :) I wish I could do that, it looks great, and I love the touches you added with the schedule and the hooks to hang stuff on!

  3. Who knew you would end up with an obstacle course while on the treadmill?! What an awesome idea to turn the master bedroom into your gym - sounds like you thought out the whole ambiance thing too!!! What an inspiration!!! =)

  4. I love your space. It looks like a great motivator. I am going to follow you.