Monday, August 16, 2010

A Little Update

So again I have not made the time to be faithful with writing in my blog, and boy have I missed it. I find that the more I write the more I stay on track. Not only have I not been writing but I haven’t been serious about my fitness journey. I let myself get a little relaxed in a few areas but I'm ready to jump back in the saddle.

It's hard at times not to beat myself up for letting something derail my success but I am proud that I keep going back to it..... eventually it's going to have to stick, right?!?!

Now don't get me wrong the past few months have not been a complete waste. For the month of May I won the Biggest loser competition at work at a total loss of 15 lbs for the month. The downside is the past few months I have been like a yo-yo just trying to maintain it. But it has totally been my fault. I haven’t really put forth the effort.

So we made some major changes in the house (more to come at a later date) and we are back on eating healthier food and incorporating exercise into our daily schedules.

One thing that I am making a must have is more fish! I don't know what it is, if after having my son or turning thirty but I really cannot eat meat much anymore and if I do
I'm left feeling sick. The good news is that I am finding I really enjoy grilled or baked fish.So my husband, the Chef of our household is experimenting with new recipes so we don't get bored with it!
Here is what we ate Saturday night, it was very filling but didn't leave me feeling like I ate too much.

Well here is to a new week and a new start!


  1. Always a pleasure to see a post from you! Glad you popped in and I am the same way about meat these days. I am not sure why because I used to love meat but that and pork just don't digetst well. Good thing I love fish and chicken :)

  2. Glad to see you back! And congrats on your weight loss! That's awesome. Every journey has a few bumps in the road...don't get discouraged by them! :)