Friday, January 8, 2010

Trust the Process

Happy Friday!!!!! Man, I am so excited to have this week down. Well just a little update on my progress, last night I had to prep all of my animal babies for the cold night so I brought Elliot in (Mr. rabbit), and I put some new blankets in the crates for the boys. I felt so bad when I got home because the puppies really wanted to go for a walk which has been a big part of our routine lately. Since the weather is so yucky outside I really played them hard in the garage, I tossed their toys and rubbed their bellies..... they were happy once more. Once I got them all settled I got on my spinning bike for thirty minutes and then I did the 10 minute intro for the Firms Wave.

This morning at 4:30 I was sooo excited to do the thirty minute workout on the Wave. Not sure how many of you have tried it, but I really enjoyed my workout this morning. I really felt it in my lower body. After completing the workout I jumped on my spinning bike (I love my bike!). I ate two Kashi Blueberry waffles at 170 calories, plus I had a nectarine. So far this morning I am off to a great start.

Yesterday my girlfriend Olivia sent me a message stating that she can really tell from the picture I posted yesterday that I am starting lose, and that I should show a picture from my son's party that was taken 5 months ago. I looked at the pictures and agreed, but you know what the first thing I thought? Maybe the newer picture was taken at another angle that just makes me look thinner. I didn't let these thought gets the best of me, instead I decided to take another picture this morning, and guess what the same results. I started at the beginning of November on this journey and in just a few short months I am starting see a real difference.

But I have to say the real difference that I am seeing is not the weight loss. It’s my attitude. I am starting to find the real Candice again. I have a new confidence, and self assurance that I haven’t had in so long. I am no longer doubting myself, and I know I am doing the right things. I just need to take it one goal at a time and know that I will get the results I want. The above pictures are such a motivation. If I can get this in a little over 2 months, what can I do within a year! It really is all about learning to trust the process. So for anyone out there who is thinking your results aren't noticeable, do the same. Take a picture of yourself and compare it to one a few months back. If you have been working towards it, you won’t be sorry.
Oh, also I want to give a big shout out to my best girl Olivia who had a huge loss this week! Keep it up girl. We are going to be B3s (Bombed Body Beauties) before you know it. (sorry had to abbreviate for the pg crowd).

Well hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Oops... don't know how that got deleted.

    I'm sooo happy to read that you KNOW you'll be reaching your goal, and become that "new you" that you strive for. The process is definitely what it's all about, and is what ultimately gets us to that finish line (although, I don't really believe in a finish line). Once we cross that imaginary line, another journey begins...

    Thank you for visiting CoachYourMInd ~ hope you enjoy, as it will be speaking directly to you!

    Looking forward to talking with you soon,

  2. I love your attitude Miss Candy!

    There is a BIG difference in the pics and you have such a pretty smile my dear - You look very happy in that pic!

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Okay, first off I'm so impressed that you were excited to workout at 4:30 in the morning! What a stud!

    Secondly, I don't care what angle you may have been standing at, there is no getting around the fact you look way thinner in the updated photo! You skin even looks better and your face looks brilliantly happier! I'm impressed that you've shown such great strides in just two months. It inspires me.

    I've been seriously back on track for only one week and I keep wondering why I don't see my results (duh). This post motivates me to keep with my new (old!) routine because I'll look and feel better in just a few more weeks!

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  5. Oh! Your pictures hadn't come up on my screen when I was reading and commenting. But I see them now, and you look great!

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog! How do you like tofu? A lot of people don't like it, but I've been eating it for a long time, so I like it just fine and dandy. :) And your new photo looks terrific!

  7. Sounds like you are doing great on your workouts. But you gotta start back on ur EA Active stuff I wanna compare :P. Anyways keep it up you are doing great! Remember super girl every day! Or would super woman be more appropriate ack I digress. the pic comparison really shows the progress. Now think just a couple more months what will you look like?

  8. It's kind of crazy how much our attitude changes. I feel like I'm getting back to me too. It's an awesome feeling.
    Congrats on your success! I'm really enjoying your blog.

  9. I nominated you for a very prestigous award on my blog today... :)

  10. Theres a TOTALLY noticeable difference! Youre doing an awesome job-keep it up!!!

  11. What a difference in the two pictures! Your friend was right, you can definitely see a difference. I love your attitude! And great job with your workout and healthy morning!

  12. Wow! You look great! Keep up the good work. Seeing what you have done in 2 months gives me the extra motivation to keep going.

  13. thanks for following my blog :)
    And yep, pics look great, both of 'em but you can soooo tell the diff! And you ooze energy, I wonder if all your posts are that way! Good luck on your journey, look forward to reading your updates :)

  14. I can really see a difference! You look great. What is the wave? Never heard of it before.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me!!