Monday, June 20, 2011

A Great Week

I could not have dreamed for a better week than the one I had last week. It’s no secret that I have dropped off the band wagon a time or two or three. I enjoy eating healthy for the most part but I do have a hard time in social settings or like yesterday when I was eating a fairly bland dinner that I wasn’t really excited about and my husband ate a grilled rib-eye steak, fully loaded baked potato, grilled corn and sautéed onions in front of me. Now don’t get me wrong I usually don’t mind and don’t expect my family to eat the same as myself but man it smelt so good! I really had a moment I wanted to tackle my husband and run with his plate like a wild dog. I ate my steamed veggies but then I just wanted to stab my husband with my fork for being blessed with a great metabolism and for never gaining weight. Do not worry know one was hurt during the consumption of dinner. Luckily the moment past and I finished my meal without cheating or acting out of impulse. I think having one moment out of the week and not acting on it is pretty awesome.

My eating plan has been so easy! That’s right I said easy. I have been following the “Reshape the Nation” fitness plan and using the “STAX” system. Now the meals are simple, simple….. not a lot going on with them but with my busy schedule it is a bonus. The containers are color coordinated to separate the carbs, proteins and veggies. Instead of counting calories or measuring servings the traditional way each container is labeled with weights, so you fill the food to your weight. This week I have lost 6 pounds and have never felt better.

I am full of energy and my workouts are proof of that. Every day last week I got up at 4:45 a.m. and looked forward to my workout. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I did jog/walk intervals. Tuesday and Thursday went for 12 mile bike ride and in the evening lifted weights.

This week I plan on sticking to my eating plan and push, push myself during my workouts! For the first time I really do believe I can do this. I have no choice, I need to do this.


  1. 6 pounds in a week is fantastic! I really like the idea of organization behind the STAX system. It appeals to my Type A nature...haha.

  2. Such willpower! You inspire my socks off, girl!!! Great job with your 6 lbs!!! =)

  3. Hey, great job Melting Candy! I'd kill for a 6lb loss at this point in my journey. Thanks for visiting my blog. Skunks are also scary, I think! They smell, and they can make you smell too!

  4. Call Me Ishmael, you still Win.... a mama bear and her cubs trunk a skunk any day, but if you saw my natural fro you would understand why I was afraid..... I would have to shave my head to get the smell out (=