Thursday, April 3, 2014

Creating Our Garden - Herbs

Since going on Paleo I find that I get out of the house a lot more. On some of those outings I’m either scouting for farmer markets or making more frequent trips to the grocery store. At this point I am committed to eating fresh veggies and fruit. I enjoy the juicing and meals I am creating but let me be REAL for a moment…………… eating organically and eating low processed meats adds up fast on the pocket book. Now not to discourage anyone because in all honestly the amount we were paying going out to lunch and then picking up food for a fast meal added up to the same amount if not way more. I think it’s just actually seeing the large dollar amount all at once. However to save a little money, and enjoy getting outside more and an opportunity to play in some dirt with my son I thought it would be nice to start growing what we can at home.

A few weekends ago we got our herb garden up. My husband had worked hard a few years ago building our privacy fence and he really cringes anytime I say “honey this would be good on out fence”, so with that being said I was trying to find a way to create a vertical garden for our herbs. I knew the location I wanted it in because eventually we would like to do an outdoor kitchen/deck and it is a must that it’s vertical because we have two very large Rhodesian Ridge-backs that either like to roll around in my plants or pee on them. I already have on the fence a few pots that I used Hang-a-Pot to attach them. I love this product and they have lasted for about 4 years now but still I wanted something a little different for this project.

I have seen where a lot of folks make a vertical herb garden by using old wooden pallets and I liked the idea but it's still not what I wanted. When at the hardware store the idea had come to me when we were pricing the materials for our deck. They have pre-made deck rails made from pressure treated wood, about $30 a piece. I thought why not place them vertically into the ground on some post and then attach window boxes to them.

This is how it turned out! I am very pleased with it. I drilled some holes on the planters and placed them in a way that when watering the top one it will drain and help water the ones below it. Also in the above picture you can see the flowers I had planted using the Hang-a-Pot.

Now that the herb garden is complete we are now working on building a garden fence so we can plant some veggies that I got started from seed.

Do any of you have your own home herb garden and if so how and where do you have them?

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