Friday, February 5, 2010


Happy Friday everyone. Hope you all are getting ready for the weekend. Today I got some news from my doctor after a few weeks of waiting. My test results show that at the moment I have some swelling of the brain. At this time they do not have answer on why it is swelling, but they do not feel that it is caused by an infection. He prescribed me a medicine that I am to take for the next few days and next week I am to have some more tests run to see if it has corrected the problem. In addition to the swelling they have found 6 more tumors along my spine and neck, but without doing a biopsy are not sure if they are malignant as well. We discussed the option of surgery(for the tumors on spine), but will not make that call till we know if they are cancerous. At this time I do not suffer really from back pain so my thought on the subject is if they are not causing me pain, and are not going to cause further damage I do not want to go through the surgery. Usually people who have back surgery have chronic pain from then on. My doctor did not seem concern at this time about the tumors on my spine (so know idea of if/when having biopsy), instead the focus is the swelling. So if you guys wouldn’t mind continuing to pray, I would greatly appreciate it!

On a lighter note……. I am really excited about my next 21 days to keep a food journal of what foods I am eating. Thank you all for your ideas, I’m thinking of mixing some of them together, the key for me is to keep it simple yet fun!

This morning I didn’t work out because my head was really hurting when I woke up so it took me much longer to get out of bed than normal. Though while laying there I was talking to my hubby of a game plan for this weekend to get my workouts in. I know he has to work but we were discussing when I could go . I am amazed how much my thinking has changed in the past few months. Before if I was struggling with something whether it be my health or just some lame excuse….. I would just think, “oh I will make time for it later.” Now I’m like “okay how is all of this drama going to fit into my new healthy lifestyle. “

I’m finding I really prefer to go to the gym in the morning and walking the dogs in the evening. I feel a good morning workout fuels me for the rest of the day, and just starts my day in the right direction. For me I am finding if I start my day with a healthy choice I am more likely to keep up with it for the rest of the day.

I did do one thing I was pretty proud of today. My husband had bought an assortment of candy that you would normally see at the movies. He bought 6 boxes of candy to be exact. He picked it up for last weekend to go with a movie. We didn’t open any of them, and they have been sitting on the counter all week. I usually don’t really crave sweets but I have been known in the past if something triggers that binging cycle that nothing is safe. So I wouldn’t say I was tempted at the moment but I didn’t want to be later. I packed them up and asked Bill if he would take them to work and share them with his buddies. As my friend Angela use to say at work…........ Set yourself up for success!

Well I don’t have too much planned for the weekend. I know I will be working out and I desperately need to clean my house. I didn’t dust last weekend and it’s driving me crazy. I am really hoping my sister-in-law Jessica will be coming over to check out my spinning bike.
I just love when I get to see her. I saw her this week at my grandma’s house. She has always been that person for me when I see them I just get so excited talking to her. She is always encouraging and though sometimes we are different in so many ways, I love the way she looks at things. I feel bad because I tend to just overwhelm the conversation and after we part I think… “damn did I let the girl talk”? Well I hope she loves me anyways and just knows that I adore her!

Well peeps have a great weekend!


  1. I will be keeping you in my prayers Candy. Hope you have a good weekend.

    P.S. I hate dusting!

  2. Prayers are being sent your way!!

    You are amazing!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your health issues. I'll keep you in my prayers!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi, I don't think I have read your blog before now. I just want to say i think You are an amazing person. I hope the swelling goes down and I will pray for you. I think you sticking to your workout routine is amazing.
    I will remember you when I feel like not doing it...I have no excuse at all..none.
    I will pray for healing for you.
    God Bless hon.

  5. (((HUGS)))

    You are so strong!

    I also dislike dusting!